Yesterday, mid-email reply, my laptop froze. It’s not the first time it’s happened, seems that every time there’ s an update to Chrome that needs to be done at or around the same time as a Windows update the lappy likes to freeze while I’m trying to close out my browsers to get to the point where I can do the updates! Ridiculous, right?

Well, it gets better!

When I went to boot it back up from the hard shut down I had to do, it wouldn’t restart. For 5 hours. When The Hubby came home and looked at it the reboot happened finally, but then the screen was black. As is in dead. As in, this is the second time this has happened in the last 6 months. As in we already spent $200+ to fix it the first time and now I have to use our TV as a monitor so I don’t get to be online as much as I’d like because A) it hurts my eyeballs something fierce and B) the TV is on top of a high dresser so I have to look up at it and that hurts my neck.

He keeps insisting I use his lappy instead, but all of my stuff and all of my settings are on this one, besides what will he use if I’m using his lappy and this one is only hooked up to the TV?

I used to watch TV and surf at the same time, so when we had the TV on tonight to watch Zombieland on FX (great flick BTW, see below), I think I had insight into what smokers go through when they’re on the phone or just after dinner, it’s automatic to want to have that access – I wanted the lappy, yet I couldn’t have it because the TV was already being used.

Super annoying.

So, yeah – Zombieland:


Jessie Eisenberg (aka Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network) as Columbus

Woody Harrelson (aka Haymitch Abernathy from The Hunger Games) as Tallahassee

Emma Stone (aka Gwen Stacey from The Amazing Spiderman) as Wichita

Abigail Breslin (aka Olive Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine) as Little Rock

Bill Murray (aka Garfield in Garfield) as Bill Murray

Columbus is a shy, video game playing, loner in college in Austin, TX when the disease that causes people to become zombies gets unleashed on the world. He hits the road, headed home (to Columbus, OH), to see if Mom and dad are still alive – they were never close, but maybe things could change. He has rules for surviving the apocalypse he calls “Zombieland” and they make sense, though we never get the full list here are a few:

  • #1 – Cardio – people underestimate how fast the zombies are and if you’re slow, or worse, fat & slow, then you will get eaten.
  • #2 – Double Tap – people killing zombies better make darn sure they’re dead, just because they’re down doesn’t mean they’re done, always give ’em a second shot in the noggin, just to be sure.
  • #3 – Beware of Bathrooms – now, as a bullied kid (he was a major dork) I’m sure he was always leery of them anyway, but bathrooms are places of death with zombies – easy pickin’s!
  • #4 – Seatbelts – always wear them. Smart tip. Plus, if you have a zombie on your car and you have to stop suddenly to get them off, they fly, you stay seated. Thumbs up to that!
  • Among others.

Along the way he meets Tallahassee, he’s a redneck type who loves guns and seems to be thriving on the zombie killing stuff. They decide to ride together for now, though Tallahassee doesn’t really see a point of having a companion along, but he’s damage and we’ll find out why later…

Then they meet Wichita and Little Rock, sisters who are con artists and liars, and through a series of events the 4 of them wind up on the road together. They make a good group and take care of each other when the going gets tough. The foursome even meet Bill Murray, though, sadly, they kill him in the middle of a prank gone awry.

It’s a fun romp, tongue-firmly-in-cheek, an adventure, a zombie flick, a horror flick (lots o’ gore), a romance, a drama, and a comedy, all rolled into one and I enjoy it every time I watch it! 🙂

  • Fun fact: Ms. Breslin’s breakout role in Little Miss Sunshine was as Olive, and Ms. Stone’s breakout role in Easy A was also named Olive. Coincidence? I think not! lol

So that was my Friday night…though I was going to watch Grimm, but the cable hookup we have decided it didn’t like NBC tonight so it muted the channel and then took it off the air completely, which is fun. Not. LOL

Have a terrific weekend my dearies!

–Christine aka QoUI